1. HisLamb25
    11 juin 2010 @ 4 h 39 min

    Hi Bay,

    I understand how you feel and I’ve always hated the idea of this Big Brother RFID chip.

    On regards to the wall between US and Mexico border…IT’S NON EXISTANT. Did you know that all 3 countries: U.S. (G.W.Bush), Canada (Paul Martin) and Mexico (Vincente Fox) signed a NORTH AMERICAN UNION act in 2005. Which means that all 3 countries ARE 1 and the common currency is the Amero. The Amero is gaining points while the US dollar is going way down.

    Get informed and inform the zombies.

  2. BayviewFinch
    11 juin 2010 @ 5 h 14 min

    I sort of wish that the damned Americans would just build a wall at the Canadian border instead of the Mexican one. How come THEY get the wall? I’m sick and tired of all the bullshit American pop culture, guns, violence, rap, and other shit coming into Canada.